28 January 2010

Easy Peasy - The Messy Up-Do.

My dear friends,

If you work early in the morning like I do, or even if you're just having one of "those" days where you don't want to spend a lot of time on your hair (but don't want to look like you didn't spend a lot of time)....here is a simple and easy solution. Albeit, this is not technically a "new" hairstyle, but there are quite a few fun things you can do to spice up your do'.

The messy up-do is perfect for bad hair days, lazy days, and pretty much any day you want! They look great during the day, at night, at work, school, whatever you want!

Lets Begin:
Start off by sweeping the front part of your hair to one side as to create a fuller crown area. Use your fingers and/or a brush to direct both sides to the back of the head.
Gather your hair into a loose ponytail and tie with an ponytail holder. Right now you should have a ponytail in the middle area of the back of your head. (You can also push your ponytail up slightly to create some fullness at the top of your head if you'd like but be sure to add hairspray for hold.)

(NOTE: If you are running short on time, don't curl the hair. Just start from the ponytail and take the one inch sections in your hand, twirl the hair and pin! This look will be slightly more edgy if your hair is straight, but very stylish all the same!)

Separate the ponytail into one inch sections, curling each section loosely. The size of the barrel of your curling iron will depend on how "messy" your hair will look - a larger barrel will create waves while a smaller barrel will make ringlets.

After each section is curled, use a bobby pin to secure the curl loosely against your scalp. When pinning the curls, make sure that you pin some at the top as to form an even and balanced shape. Finish your creation by adding hairspray to keep your hold. You're ready to go!


♥ Use decorative or colorful bobby pins to spice it up!
♥ Pin a flower or brooch in your hair for a touch of elegance!
♥ Add a couple small braids in between curls for a texture difference!
♥ Weave in a few small headbands for a look of soft romanticism!

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