29 January 2010

Hard Candy - Back In A Big Way

When I was younger, I was obsessed with Hard Candy. I wanted their products so badly, and was envious of those who were lucky enough to have some. It was more expensive than the makeup you bought in the drugstore, so in teenage-girl logic, it was cooler and better. I used to save all the money I could just to buy an eyeshadow here or a blush there - I treasured that makeup so much!

They had wild colors and edgy names like "Hypnotic", "Rumor Mill", "Dimple", "Fringe", "Old Skool" and "Envy". They were trendy & showed how you knew your stuff when it came to what was cool. I had this bright blue nail polish, I can't remember the name, but I cannot tell you how awesome I felt when I wore it. I cherished that bottle. I just knew that people wanted my nail color. They also had amazing eye shadows and blush kits, as well as lip items & foundations. They were in all the fun magazines (Teen, CosmoGirl, etc.)

....Then they disappeared. You kind of stopped hearing about them. Such things happen in fashion as in life and you have to pick yourself up, dust off your shoulders and soldier on. Reinvention is key.

And did they ever!!! Hard Candy just re-launched with a new full line of cosmetics & it is STELLAR! They have many kinds of new products:

Eye Shadows (glitter gel, glitter cream, cream sticks, pressed powder shadow, press on, & duo kits)

Mascaras (lengthening, curling, glitter & volumizing)

Eye Liners (duos, liquid & brights)

Face (bronzer, blush, concealers, highlighters, moisturizers & primers)

Nails (sixteen colors & counting)

Lips (gloss, balm, liquid lipstick, lip shine, painted lady lipcolor & pencils)

Body (glitter crayons, body spray, body powder & body glitter)

Now for the kicker...you can get them at WAL-MART! The prices are amazing and the collection is beautiful!! Most Wal-Mart stores are in the process of stocking the full line in their cosmetic departments. If your store does not currently have it in stock, you have two options:

1-Email your local store or ask your manager to stock it.

2-Order it online with 97 cent shipping to your home!

What are YOUR favorite Hard Candy products? Post & let me know!

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