10 February 2010

Alternative Valentines Day Gifts

My Dear Friends,

As much as I love chocolate & flowers, I do not want them on Valentine's Day. To me, they are the easy, go-to, "I didn't put too much thought into this" gift. Any dude can waltz into Wal-Mart & pick up a used-to-be-$5-but-is-now-$15-because-of-v-day bouquet and some Russell Stovers/Whitmans (usually whichever is closer)....

If I have to think about what to get you, (since flowers & candy are not typically guy presents) you should think about what you have to get me. It's just fair. Every woman has those things that they would like someone to give them; the things that we want but wouldn't usually buy for ourselves.

This is my list of very affordable alternatives:

Edible Arrangements - Oranges, pineapples, pears, bananas, honeydew, grapes, cantaloupe, apples and/or strawberries creatively designed to look like a bouquet of flowers. They can even be dipped in dark, milk, white chocolate or peanut butter. Garnishes include shaved almonds, cinnamon, coconut flakes, mixed nuts, With boxes/arrangements starting at $25, that is a lot cheaper than flowers!This bouquet is $36!

Romanico's Chocolate - I know, I know...I just said I didn't want chocolate. But I never said I didn't want chocolate sushi. Miami Sushi is chocolate & fruit made to look exactly like real sushi, but you know, without all that fishy business. How Fun! For those of you who want to spend a little less, but still have a great gift, try the Piccalo Box. It's 9 pieces of hand crafted artisan chocolate for $16. Use code "march" for free 3 day air shipping!
This box is $36!

.....more to come later!

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