18 February 2010

ETSY Find - MaryNotMartha

My Dear Friends,

I found MaryNotMartha last week while searching for brooches/hairpins on ETSY.  I bought one that they call the Retro White Enamel Pin.  It works as an addition on a nice shirt or cardigan, as well as a beautiful hairpin for messy buns or side parts. Here are some examples this great store has to offer!

White Retro Enamel Pin -  only $2.50!

Black Sequin Collar - Only $3.50!

Old Stock Vintage Lace Collar in Black - Only $7.50!

In addition to jewelry, they also carry:  fabrics, ribbons, lace, flowers, trims, hardware, buttons & more!  You can make your own statement necklace with all the fun items you can get here!  Fast and friendly shipping, which also comes with a USPS tracking number so you can track your purchase!  What a great deal:)


Kimberly said...

Oh wow, there goes my evening and Paypal Balance! The DIY projects I could make with all this gorgeous stuff is phenomenal! Thanks for sharing!

trippingtiffies said...


LOL I completely understand! I was inspired by your grey cardigan w/ flowers post last week and went on a hunt for cute additions! Her stuff is amazing, delicate & beautiful! Let me know if you get anything! Oh, and thanks for posting!!