04 February 2010

Let's Do Lunch with Smashbox!

My Dear Friends,

On Tuesday & Thursday of each and every week, between the hours of 9am & 2pm (PST), those darlings over at Smashbox have a sweet little promotion called "Let's Do Lunch".

If you order during the right time on either of those days, you will automatically get a FREE gift-with-purchase.....and I'm not talking a mini or a sample. I mean a full-size gift.

For example: Today's Gift was Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss is Couture, which is an $18 value. (see pic below)

How cool is that?

Oh and I forgot to mention that it's free shipping and no tax. I seriously got this lip gloss (free!) when I bought the Photo Op Under Eye Brightener (It banishes those dark under eye circles!) for $18 even. So that averages to be $9 per item, which is about what you're would pay at a drugstore for brands like Revlon or Maybelline...but it's Smashbox! Hooray for a great deal!


GirlAboutTown said...

i ALWAYS wanted to do that ever since a friend told me about it but i'm always in school during that time...haha it would be weird to whip out my credit card while the professor's trying to go over some really important concepts LOL

trippingtiffies said...

do you have internet on your phone? you could write down your cc# and just type it right in...or better yet, just make an account with them (they can save your info.) so you don't even have to whip the credit card out, you can just order! :)