10 February 2010

MAC Mini-Review

My Dear Friends,

I got my MAC order in today. It took a while due to the fact that pretty much the northern half of the US is covered in rain/snow/slush/yuck....but that's okay. No one can stop Mother Nature. Anyway, I only ordered one thing, hence the mini haul.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in "Jubilee". The lovely Shifa over at Get Gawjus recommended it on this post and I loved how it turned out on her so much that I had to buy it for myself.

I totally love it. I really go for a nude-type lipstick. I like to do dramatic eyes and light lips and this is perfect. It is a beautiful, glossy, sheer nude. Very long-lasting.
MAC Lustre Jubilee - $14!

If you want more bang for your buck like I do, use one of these offers to get you a little more in your cart for free! Codes "amber", "plum" or "zoom" nets you Free Shipping. Code "lash119ca" gets you a sample of the MAC Zoom Lash mascara in "Zoomblack".
(Actual size of freebie tube is about 1/2 inch taller than the lipstick).

I used the latter code, so I got a free tube. The mascara itself is a thick gel. It does take some time to dry, but that is perfect for me, just in case I want to add a little more, or define a certain area. There is a slight, but not at all unpleasant smell, which doesn't bother me at all. I mean...it IS mascara. It doesn't run or crumble, & it defines the lashes well.

A full sized tube is only $13.

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Shifa said...

I am tempted to try out this Mascara now :)