18 February 2010

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria @ Wal-Mart

I saw this darling shirt on another blog and I had to have it.  I see it working with a nice cardigan and dress pants or a cute skirt.

Check me out - I'm only $8!
(Also comes in Black, Purple, & White)

Look at me!  I'm only $6!
(Also comes in Purple & Black)

I also picked up this one, I thought it would be cute as an edgy spring/summer top, paired with skinny jeans and heels & maybe a statement necklace.  I really liked the zipper detail on the shoulders.

With the great Wal-Mart .97 per item shipping, I ended up paying about $17 for the two shirts, tax & shipping included.

I'm not a huge Miley fan.  In fact, I find her to be slightly irritating...but I do like these shirts, so I'll just say they are Max Azria!


BBM said...

8 bucks for that tank! shut up! great find!

BBM said...

ok, so i was spying on ure comment about how to wear that neon green skirt that u bought on impulse. so i was thinking ...

-black v-neck or black and white striped shirt
-black LONG bf blazer
-black tights
-black pumps or booties
-neon greet skirt.

i think this combo will emphasize the bright color of the skirt without the skirt overpowering too much. u can even go with dark blue shirt/blazer) ... thatll be cute.

*imagining* ... yup ... i think itll be super cute!

Nina said...

I have the same tank in white and i love it. I recently saw a copy version at forever 21, i forget how much but it was a lot more. I haven't seen the 2nd top but it looks really cute too.

trippingtiffies said...

BBM & Nina - thanks for the comments!

BBM - thanks for the inspiration on the skirt! i got it in the mail and went WHOA...how am I going to make this work?! you definitely helped me visualize what I can do with it and i appreciate it so much!

Nina - LOL i've heard about f21 copycatting styles but i didn't think they'd copycat walmart! haha i'm glad you like the tank...hopefully i will too!

Anonymous said...

omg! so cheap!