17 February 2010

Friday seems so far away!

My Dear Friends,

I don't feel so hot today.  Too bad it's only Wednesday, which means I have two more days before I can theoretically sleep in.  I say theoretically because I have - 2 cats, 1 dog, & 1 boyfriend - that might disturb my plans for the sleeping-in-times.  I just feel so drained, you know?  What do you ladies out there do when you're having a "blah" day to pep yourselves up...cause I need some help!  Well, just in case you're in the mood for some shopping...here's what I found today:

JC Penney has an in-store only (grrrr.) coupon for $10 off a purchase of $25.  I love those kind of coupons. Yes, I will take you up on that offer to take money off of my purchase!  Click here to print your coupon.

Does anyone like Tarte make-up?  If you do, then enjoy 50% off your entire order with code "ecsurvey"!  UPS Ground shipping is only $5, you get a free Double Dose Berry Boost Lip Gloss in "Acai Boost" in your bag, as well as getting to pick a free sample!  I picked the Mini Glistening Powder in "Sugar Daddy".  Here's what I got:

This is the Purple Suede Palette.  It's $1. (.50 for you who use the coupon)  It's empty, until you fill it with a blush (top left pic) and then four eye shadows that you pick (bottom right pic).  The blush is $1 (again, .50 now) and the blushes which are $10 each ($5 now)...so you get the compact, 4 shadows and a blush...plus your free lip gloss and pick-you-own sample for only $21!!  Man is that a good deal!

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