09 February 2010

NARS Mini-Review

My Dear Friends,

I was browsing the Sephora site last week, and I found this great combo set. (Warning: do not read any further if you are offended by "adult" type words LOL) It's called the NARS Temptation Gift Set. A $42 value, on sale for $30. It's a full size nail polish and blush in ORGASM. (*gasp*) Yes, that is really the color name.
Sephora/NARS offers other items in this color line, including: illuminator, multiple stick & lip gloss.

Their website says:

"This gift set pairs a blush and polish—both offered in the beloved, best-selling shade of Orgasm. Orgasm contains gorgeous golden flecks of peach and pink, that will add a touch of shimmer and glimmer to your cheeks and nails."

Here's what I think:

Nail Polish - In the bottle, the shade is absolutely amazing. A rich peachy-pink, perfect for spring/summer (might even work in the fall because of the orange-y hue). As far as your nails go, one coat puts a very sheer coat on. It has a nice golden shimmer. Two coats is what i'm rocking now, and I like that much better. If you like subtle colors, this is great for you. Even without a top coat, it's stayed on very well and hasn't chipped yet (2 days so far).

(note: I am a fan of both subtle and bold, so I'd keep this around when I was feeling on the lighter side.)

Blush - This is a great blush, as it compliments both lighter & darker skin tones. It really seems to compliment my skin, making a sort of "glow" without looking like I'm twelve years old covered in too much glitter. It is a very fine powder, goes on evenly and without fading.

Result - I highly recommend this set. You do save $12 by buying them together, too, and saving money never hurts!

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Shifa said...

I think its high time I should give in to the 'Orgasm' hype and get one for my self soon :)