23 February 2010

Say It With Me Now....D-E-A-L-S!

The deals are abundant this morning!  It feels like today is going to be one of those days, and I might make myself feel a little less blah by engaging in some retail therapy.  Mmmmm, good.

If you are lucky enough to not be at work today, then you should click HERE to print off a $10 off a $25 purchase coupon from our friends at JC Penney.

Urban Outfitters wants you to take $10 off your $75 purchase with this little code - "JUSTFORYOU".

Shop The Look is a fun little store that I just found but can already tell lots of my paycheck will go their way.  With Free Shipping using "FREESHIP" & 50% off using "NEW50", you will definitely be able to look good without spending a lot.

By signing up for email alerts at Gap, you get a 15% off coupon.

The lovely Amber is hosting a giveaway on her site, aefilkins.  It's a "Girl Silhouette Pillow" from Etsy.  Head over & check it out!

For the L.L. Bean lovers out there, use code "3018849" for Free Shipping.

Victoria's Secret is doling out their "Secret Rewards" cards again, today online only.  Make any purchase, enter the code "SECRETVS" and recieve a card in the mail with anywhere from $10 to $500 on it!


♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Sweet! And I'm right in there with all those fabulous places. :) Great deals!!

Anonymous said...

that great!