25 February 2010

Tarte Cosmetics Haul (Review)

My Dear Friends,

I recently purchased a custom palette box that you can customize with 4 eyeshadow shades & one blush.  It came in the mail today.

The blush is $1.00, called "Verve".  While the downside is that you can only choose one color, the upside is that is seems to be flattering to a range of different skin tones. 

Pretty & peachy.

Next, we have the eyeshadows, which are $10 each.  (Please see the link to my earlier Tarte post for codes to get your entire purchase 1/2 off!)  I chose Root Beer Float (dark brown with gold flecks), Pink Panty Pull-down (baby pink with shimmer),Daisy Dukes (light iridescent leaf green), & It Girl (pale matte purple).


I really enjoy the idea of a customizable palette, especially one that is $1.  I think the options are endless with how you can work with it.  This particular palette is magnetized so they will stay in place until you pop each little item out.  Love that.  No opening it & watching helplessly as something falls out and hits the floor.  The colors I chose I really enjoy as well.  

The green makes my (hazel) eyes look really pretty.  The brown looks so much better than that color swatch, it's darker with a heavy amount of gold fleck.  The pink is pale enough so it's not a "look at me!" color...it's more sweet & romantic pink. The purple is also in the pastel-ish range, but compliments all the other colors I chose nicely.

All in all, I will buy from them again.  Sign up for their newsletter and get 20% off your order.  Free Shipping!  They have really nice freebies with your order as well.

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Nina said...

Wow that was a great deal and I love the colors you choose.

Sarah (Buzz) said...

The colors are lovely....wonderful blog :) I hope you'll check mine out and follow if you like :)

Jannah said...

They look like beautiful colors! I have hazel eyes also, any chance you wanna post a pic of that awesome green on ?! :)

BBM said...

good choices of colors! i love tarte ... specially their cheek stains!

Jannah said...

Hmmm just re-read my comment and it sounds kinda creepy - ha! I just meant I would love to see what the color looks like on with hazel eyes, I have been thinking about trying some colors other than the normal brown I normally wear and that green looks safe enough not to offend the general public, but you cant really tell until it is on. Any-hoo, sorry for the unintentional creeper comment :)

darlingdee said...

I love this! The pink reminds me of cotton candy. Thanks for posting.