03 February 2010

Todays Blog Is About Bloggers:)

My Dear Friends,

Today's blog is about a few fellow bloggers that I love. I'll give you the link and then tell you a little bit about them, in hopes that you will love and read them too!

In No Particular Order:

Hauls & Reviews - Katie is a collector of all things make-up. She goes on "hauls" (aka shopping) and details what she got and her reviews on each product. She even offers links to buy them yourself! I almost forgot! She is having a giveaway - Frisky Business Bright Lipglass Set - on Valentine's Day!

Get Gawjus - I've just discovered Shifa, but I have read back many, many posts and I have to say I love her. She loves cosmetics and I do too. She's adventurous and has a great eye for finding good products. If you are looking for some new items, check here, you might find something you want to try!

Fab Finds Under $50 - Kimberly is fantastic. She posts her daily outfits (except for weekends) on her blog, with links to where she got them and how much each piece costs. She also posts how she's worn an item on that particular outfit in a different way, so you can vary your pieces so you don't always have the same look. She also puts out a monthly "clothing inspiration calendar" to help you pick your outfits out. Love it!

ComputerGirls' Musings - Emma's blog is multi-faceted. She blogs about fashion, make-up, music, food, and everything in between. She's a UK girl, and she blogs about the coolest stuff across the pond!

Do you have a favorite blogger that I need to read? Post and tell me!


Shifa said...

awww thats very sweet of you hun! :D

Computergirl said...

Oh I just came to tell you about the body shop and saw that you put me up here :) Thanks for the link and loevly words! x

Are you in america? if so look at http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/ They hve some lovely stuff! Cruelty free too! Thanks for your comment! Emma :) x

trippingtiffies said...

Thanks ladies! I appreciate your comments!

If you would, please add me to your blogroll @

I would love it so much!

Kimberly said...

Thanks so much!! It's been so great having you as a reader!!