11 February 2010

Torrid - Additional 50% off Clearance - 4 days only!!

My Dear Friends,

From 2/11 to 2/15, Torrid has marked down their clearance an additional 50% off. Some items are up to 75% off the regular price, so you can really get some deals if you take advantage of this sale!

Here are a few notables:

Scarves are $4.49!
Wallets are $5.99!
Dresses starting at $4.99!
Ed Hardy Makeup Kits are $20.49!
Jewelry starting at $2.99!
Shoes starting at $4.99!
Sunglasses are $5.49!
Shorts starting at $4.99!
.......& tons more!

And now for the coupons!
•"zdvd0110" or "10offtd21" gets 10% more off your purchase!
•If you sign up for a DivaStyle membership, use code "bday09" or "bday10" for $10 off your order.
•"bemine" gets you free shipping on orders over $100.

Here's what I got:

My total was $19.46 before tax/shipping...but then I signed up for DivaStyle and got $10 off. So my total was $9.46. Standard FedEx 5-7 day delivery was $7.49, bringing my total w/ tax and shipping to - $18.91. Basically that $10 off paid for shipping and tax, but hey(!) I got a skirt, two scarves and a pair of earrings for $18.91! Woot.

Just to give you an example, I totaled how much my items were are regular price - $80! So add about $11 for tax and shipping and I would have been near $100!

Aren't sales great?

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BBM said...

i should sign-up for the DIVA style! GREAT tip!

and THANKS SO MUCH for following my lil bitty blog. i REALLY appreciate it!

loving ure reviews on here! can't wait to read it all!

thanks again and wishing you BLESSINGS,