22 February 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday....

My Dear Friends,

It will be my birthday a week from today.  I'm not entirely sure I am excited about it.  I want to go see "Alice In Wonderland", so I believe I will do that.  I'm going to "attempt" to make myself an Alice-type birthday cake.  I would just buy a cake, but all the stores around here (ie- the grocery store or wal-mart)...i just don't like the taste.  I'll try and post pics of my creation.  (That is, if it actually turns out okay!)

Let's talk about Birthday Deals.

Many stores offer around-your-birthday gifts so that you can get a little extra gift at your own special time of year.  I'll post them here as I find them, so that you may utilize them on your birthday, too!

Sephora has the "Happy Birthday Beautiful" package.  During the 2 weeks before or after your b-day, shop online or go to a store (no purchase necessary in store) and get the "Beautiful Eyes Kit" for your gift!  Mascara (Black), Eyeliner (Silver Green) & Eyeshadow (Aspen Summit).

I absolutely LOVE Benihana.  If you sign up for what they call "The Chef's Table" (it's just an email list), they will send you a $30 gift certificate in the mail for your birthday. 

At Smashbox, sign up for their Pretty Points Member Rewards Program and get a free birthday gift consisting of a shadow liner, eyeshadow trio, lip gloss & mascara.

Torrid was sweet enough to send me a birthday card in the mail today with a $10 coupon inside.  No min. purchase...just $10 bucks to spend at Torrid!  You can use the coupon online as well, but you have to call a 1-800-# to get the special online code.  Still nice of them, though.

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Nina said...

Happy early birthday, I can't wait to see your creation! But yeah thanks for posting all those birthday deals, I will have to sign up for them, too bad my birthday is so far away.