01 March 2010

ETSY Find - Zombee Candle (Updated)

My Dear Friends,

You MUST try a Zombee Candle.  Made by the amazing duo of Kate & Erin, these candles are hand made in Shreveport, LA and are spectacular!!!

There are fourteen different scents available:

Pomme d'Alexandria - exactly matches a fresh red apple!

Cherries a Minuit - powerful black cherry scent!

Apocalyptus - peppermint plus eucalyptus!

ZydeCocoa - a rich fudge scent that smells like brownie batter!

Praslin's Pralines - a sugary, sweet praline scent!

Creole Zombee Marmalade - blackberries wrapped in marmalade!

Blazin' Rouge - identical to the scent of cinnamon red hots!

Lemon La Roux - good enough to eat - smells just like lemon pound cake!

Maui Amour - Hawaiian fruits & flowers!

Herb d'Orleans - pomegranate & sage!

Fleur de Lime - violets meet citrus!

Rue Honeydew - sweet cucumber melon!

Queen Cake - a cinnamon scented King Cake experience!

Mardi Gras Melon - a lovely watermelon scent!

All Zombee Candles are made with 100% soy wax - no paraffin! Cotton, no-lead wicks and non-diluted fragrance oils make burning our candles a clean and wonderful experience!

Buy online here or visit their website for more info. here!


BBM said...

the mardi gras melon sounds delicious!

Christie said...

Well, this is super cool :)