05 March 2010

Finally Friday

My Dear Friends,

I have had a week.  My boss has outdone himself in how badly he treats people.  He's in his eighties, and has been what people call "a hard man to get along with" all his life (this is coming from his "friends"!!), but add Alzheimer's to that and some days he is unfailingly hateful.  Just because he can be.  My co-workers and I decided that he likes being angry.  There's usually at least one person he is mad at, at any given time.  He even gets mad when people "look" at him the wrong way.  I mean....really!

But enough about that.  Today is FRIDAY and I'm off work on the weekends!  I get to go see "Alice In Wonderland" tomorrow, which I have been waiting not-so-patiently for ever since I saw the first little article on it over a year ago!  So I'm not dwelling on this past week, instead I'm counting the hours until my weekend starts:)

So....what do I have to share with you today...some pretty good stuff, I think!

Bath & Body Works is offering Free Shipping with a $30 purchase with code "FREESHIP30". Make sure to use code "FLOWER" with your purchase of $15 or more to get a FREE Home Fragrance or Signature Collection Body Care Item (up to a $12.50 value!)

If you are a Kohl's charge card holder, you can save an additional 20% off your entire purchase at Kohls.com March 3rd - 10th!  Just use code "GRAND20" (and be sure to use your Kohl's card!)  Even better?  For every $50 you spend in-store or online Wednesday, March 3 - Sunday March 7, you will get $10 in Kohl's cash that is redeemable Monday, March 8 - Sunday, March 21!  Code "MARCH30" gets you 30% off!

Are any of you a bookworm like me?  If so, Barnes & Noble is running a $3.99 sale on over 100 Bestselling Books!  Books are super expensive so this is a great time to buy & catch up on those books you wanted...but didn't want to pay too much for!

This NY Collection Open Front Ruffle Cardigan is on sale 1/2 price at Macy's today!  It's really versatile looking - perfect for work or going out!

Victoria's Secret has cotton panties on sale 5/$25 and clearance panties on sale 5/$15!

Become Wet Seal's Facebook fan and get a $10 off $30 purchase coupon to use in store this weekend only!

Oh, and just found out that Lancome is offering Free Shipping until 3/7!  No code necessary!

Are you going to check out any deals?  If so, share!  What goodies did you get?



Kimberly said...

Oh dear, he sounds like a real peach! The last company I worked for was owned by a man that was 84. He was mean, chauvinistic and more, so I can relate a bit.

P.S. you get me in so much trouble with all these deals!

trippingtiffies said...

I'm sorry!!! Bad Kim! LOL I completely understand...my trigger finger, aka left mouse click finger, has been working overtime! :)

I'm glad (well, not glad, but appreciative) that someone else has a similar work story. It makes you feel a wee bit better.

Anonymous said...


Viva La Fashion said...

i really want to see alice in wonderland too. tell me if its good. :)