26 March 2010

Finally Friday

My Dear Friends,

I cannot wait until I am off work today.  I will probably spend the whole weekend laying in bed trying to get better.  I promise as soon as I feel better to have some really good posts again.  Right now, I don't have the energy...I found a couple goodies for you this morning, though!

From 3/26-4/3 at Kohl's, shop and save on a variety of spring handbags, shoes and accessories at the Semi-Annual Shoe & Handbag Sale. All your favorite styles of sandals, faux leather handbags, jewelry and more are now on sale!

Add a splash of festivity to your home decor with 5" or 9" Coral Grande Classic Dinner Candles at 50% off from Colonial Candle. There are eight candles per box, each with a burn time of seven to eight hours. These high-quality candles are nearly drip-less, clean-burning, and true to color from core to outer layer. These are unscented/fragrance-free candles.

Wet Seal has these cute Gladiator Sandals on sale for $10!  They come in FIVE different colors! They are also offering an extra 30% discount from their clearance section of items that end in .99!  Discount is taken at register!

Here are your Old Navy Weekly coupon locations for 3/26-4/1:
$10 off any $50 purchase in-store coupon: Click the yellow shirt and then click the jeans that are underneath it
10% off any in-store purchase coupon: Click the blue striped tank in the middle and then click the jeans underneath it
15% off any in-store purchase coupon: Click the blue striped tank, click the jeans under it, then click Amy’s face in the big circle on the right.
$5 off $25 purchase coupon: Click the red/white striped shirt, click the pants underneath it and then click Eva’s face in the big circle on the right.
$15 off $75 in-store purchase coupon: Click the yellow shirt, click the pants under it, then click the stars that pop out of Kelly’s head (on the right in the big circle)

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