15 March 2010

Oh la la la (UPDATED with more deals!)

My Dear Friends,

Well, I did not get as much accomplished this weekend as I would have liked.  Stupid Daylight Savings Time....I did, however, get the kitchen completely re-organized and the bathroom spotless.  I guess that's better than nothing.  I spent most of Sunday sleeping.  That sounds so lazy!  I seriously could not stay awake yesterday.  I did laundry and crawled back in bed.  I was totally worthless....well, almost totally worthless.  I have been inspired by the amazing & motivational Kenz and have begun to work out a little bit.  Yesterday (while in bed LOL) I did arm curls and straight-arm lifts w/ five pound weights.  I am in a wedding in May, and if I can help it, would not like my arms to wave at the same time my hands do.  Does that make sense?

Anywho, on to the deals.  I've been shopping a ton lately, but I really have not spent that much.  These deals are so fab that I'm adding to my wardrobe without taking much from the wallet!  I love that!

Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy currently has the Friends & Family promotion going on right now.  From March 18th to the 21st, your entire purchase is 30% off in store!  You can print out the coupon here.  The coupon is for multiple uses, so feel free to email it to friends & family!  They are also doing something amazing - 5% of your total purchase price will go to the non-profit organization of your choice!  There are six non profits to choose from!  It's a really wonderful thing to give back!

Lancome is offering Free Shipping right now plus two deluxe bonuses with your order - Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner in "Black Coffee" & Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor in "Glitz & Glam".  This deal will end on 3/21.

You can get $20 off any $100 purchase for a limited time only this week at Heels.com! Take advantage of their Lucky You St. Patrick's Day promotion and purchase designer heels, pumps, sandals, flats, boots and much more with special savings. Use the coupon code "PATTY25" at checkout. Valid until 3/19.

This Stila Bold Beauty Palette is a sweet deal at Beauty.com for only $28.00! Valued at $96.00, this awesome kit contains four eyeshadow trios (twelve total!) inside a mirror with a compact. You can also save this compact and refill with your favorite Stila eye shadows or blushes!


I've been waiting on this one....I needed to re-stock my Bath & Body Works Wildflowers refills but who wants to pay $12.50 for two little refills?  I'd much rather pay $6, which is what they are on sale for RIGHT NOW!  You can also click here and get a printable (or online by using code "POCKET") coupon for a FREE PocketBac w/ $10 purchase.

...Is anyone else just EXHAUSTED today?


♥ Kenz ♥ said...

OMG I'm so happy that you've been inspired to work out. I love it, and I hope you keep it up. It's not so bad, is it.? :)

And wow...it sounds like you got SO. MUCH. DONE. I mean, the entire kitchen? Awesome...I cleaned out my cabinets and organized them last night after the power came back on...hehe

Sounds like it was a much more productive weekend than you're willing to admit to yourself. :)

trippingtiffies said...

Kenz - you really have inspired me. i've let myself go and it's partially because i'm lazy and partially because i love food SO MUCH...but i can't take it anymore. i don't want to wobble where i shouldn't!

I do feel kind of accomplished with my house, except for what lies ahead is a bit daunting. my room, the spare room, the living room, the storage room all lay ahead:( I'll get there, though! (and play some work-out music as I do it!)

Thanks for being an inspiration!