22 March 2010

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

My Dear Friends,

This past Saturday I was supposed to post my E.L.F review.  I didn't.  Instead I had the most random, clumsy, forgetful day that I think I have ever had.  Let's see....it started off with my deciding to sweep out the garage.  Leaves get blown up into our garage and it irritates me. 

I was sweeping along, and tripped, fell onto my best friend's beloved motorcycle.  I rolled OVER it and landed on the ground, and then it proceeded to fall on me.  This is when I learned how heavy motorcycles are.  I could not lift it off of me...and I tried for about 30 minutes.  Then I realized my cell phone was in my pocket and called a friend to help me lift it off.  While I am waiting for him, I realize that gas is leaking out of the tank and covering me.  So my friend finally gets there and lifts it off of me like it was about as heavy as a bicycle.  (Cue embarrassment!) He helps me soak up the gas by pouring kitty litter (multi-useful, apparently!) on it and gets me inside so I can de-gasoline myself.  Oh, and did I mention that I broke one of the side mirrors clean off when it fell on me?  So that was fun.

Let's see....then I put my gasoline clothes in the washer, and I added a little extra soap to make sure I rid them of the fuel smell...and I flooded the floor with bubbles.  (My clothes still smell like gas.)

Onward to dinner...I made pork chops, baked potatoes and garlic bread...or so I thought.  I apparently just made....bread.  I forgot the garlic.  So we ate toasty bread.  Oh, and I forgot to turn off the stove.

Basically I should have crawled back in bed and started the day over!  I'm a little banged up but nothing serious.  Looking back, it was a kind of day you'd see in those movies with the klutzy yet optimistic lead (While You Were Sleeping, What A Girl Wants, Good Luck Chuck, etc...) & my Sunday was much better!  Scored some of those cute Old Navy Item-Of-The-Week Smocked Tube Dresses that are on sale for $8 this week!  I also got 2 pair of boxers for the boyfriend, as well as 2 shirts for him & 2 cute tanks for me @ Aeropostale during the Friends & Family 30% discount sale costing me only $30!  I made up for my bad Saturday with a fantastic Sunday:) 

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$10 OFF $10 plus order at Gap, but you Must use GAP/Old Navy card. Valid untul 6/30/10.  Please note that you can only use this deal with your particular card ONCE so get all you want before you use this deal. 

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Kimberly said...

Wow, lady - that sounds like quite the doozy of a day! Glad to read Sunday was better!

BBM said...

oh my gosh girl! good thing ure ok i hope you have a better rest of the week!

Nina said...

Wow what a crazy day but it's one of those day where you can look back and laugh about after time has passed. I hope you have an extra wonderful week! :)