04 March 2010

Thursday Deals are here!

My Dear Friends,

It's almost Friday.  I'm very excited, because this weekend we are going to celebrate my birthday (which was Monday) and go to dinner & see "Alice In Wonderland".  I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this movie.  I've been waiting literally about a year...ever since I first heard it was happening.  The Tim Burton-Johnny Depp combo. never fails!

I found some pretty spiffy things today.  Ch-ch-check them out!

You can get this fab Converse dark wash denim pencil skirt today at Target for $8.74!  (Originally $24.99)

At Kohl's this LC Lauren Conrad Sequin Sheath Dress is now $28.80! (Originally $75.00)

Vera Wang!  Also at Kohl's, these Vera Wang Winsome heels are $27.99! (Originally $69.99)

These Sketcher's Coozy Thigh High Boots are $29.99 at Sears!  (Originally $59.99)

The Smashbox Let's Do Lunch Freebie today is an Eyeshadow in "Taupe Two". 
(Enhance eyes with our velvety-smooth, superbly blendable eye shadows with a cashmere texture. This luxurious formula contains vitamin E to nourish skin and help shadow glide on and stay on.)

Tanga is offering Spin Magazine for $2.77 a year with code "SPIN" at checkout.



BBM said...

girl, with ure awesome reviews and sale news, id just had to give u this sunshine award (again).



GirlAboutTown said...

thanks for the award babe! <3

GirlAboutTown said...

And happy birthday! i wanna watch alice too! <3

Anonymous said...

ahaha, lol, I LOVE how you always never fail to find the best deals!
and that smashbox eyeshadow is sooooo gorgeous!! :)
are you a fan of smashbox eyeshadows? :O
I have a few and I love them!

trippingtiffies said...

BBM, thanks for such a sweet comment! I'm glad you like my blog & thanks!!

GirlAboutTown, I can't wait to see alice! i'm so excited!

Kate, awww...thanks for liking my page! I do like smashbox, especially when I can get great deals!!