16 April 2010

Finally Friday! (UPDATED)

My Dear Friends,

So I started off my day by wishing an old ex boyfriend Happy Birthday.  We are texting, catching up...then he drops the "I'm getting married" bomb on me.  How should I feel about this, because I'm honestly not sure what is going through my head right now.  I know I should be happy for him, and partly I am.  But it's just so weird!  I think what I'm feeling is shock?  Boy was a classic commitment-phobe.  We dated and broke up more times that I can count.  Is this that "I'll always hold a special place for you in my heart" stuff everyone talks about...could that be what I'm feeling?  Color me confused.  What a way to start a weekend.

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Oh, and Zombee Candle just debuted a new fragrance called "Chez Tut", which is a mixture of patchouli, frankincense & sandalwood!  A new fresh-cut grass scent will debut soon as well!  I can't wait for that one!  I'm still burning my Pomme d'Alexandria in the office...I love it!

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