05 April 2010

Gone Again.

My Dear Friends,

Well, my best friend has officially began his training to go "over there".  He will be gone for over a year.  He gets to go on leave twice, which is when he gets to come home for a week at a time. but it will be a year and a half before he is home for good.  :(

This is his second tour and it still isn't any easier.  You go from seeing someone all day long to not even getting to speak with them - it leaves a large void. 

I'm going to be making him (& his group) care packages while he's gone.  This got me thinking about Hobby Lobby.  Now that I can shop online, it's opened up a whole new world of ideas. They have free shipping until April 10th, so I am going to stock up on Organizer Boxes so I can make each person their own box. 

cute, huh?

I'm thinking stationary, envelopes, pens, stamps...things they can use to write people with.  Maybe journals?  Snacks, of course.  The Bestie says that the military supplies them with toiletries, but you always see people sending tons of that stuff over there, so they must need that too. 


♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I'd love to help by sending packages too! Please let me know if you know where to send...

I'm sorry he's gone for so long...:( God keep him safe..

trippingtiffies said...

That would be great, Kenz! I'll update as soon as I know a confirmed address! You're too sweet! Thank you!!