08 April 2010

NEW from Artscow!

Artscow has a great new offer!

They are offering customized handbag hangers for only $6.99 (w/ $3.99 shipping) 

Not sure what a purse hanger is?  They are hooks that sit on top of the edge of a table and allow you to hang your bag from it so that your bag doesn't have to sit on the floor.  This may seem odd to some people but I personally don't like to leave my purse on the floor.  Besides, having your purse right beside you (instead of flung over the back of a chair or on the ground) can be safer and more convenient!

Here are the details of the hangers:

"Our great bag hanger provides an easy way to hang your purse or handbag. The hanger folds into a disc or heart shape and are the perfect size for carrying in your purse. Customize with your own personalized logo (1 1/4" in diameter), with enamel coating for long time protection."

•Made of zinc alloy
•Hold up to 12 lbs
•Rubber non-slip back.
•Hook measures 3 1/2" length
•Disc measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"

Interested?  Click here to create your hanger now using discount code "DISCOUNT30P".

1 comment:

Andie said...

I was just saying the other night that I need one of these! thanks! :)