06 April 2010

Attack of the Pollen! (UPDATED)

My Dear Friends,

I love living in the South.  It's beautiful.  But I have one enemy - Pollen!  Every single vehicle you pass looks like it got spray painted yellow.  My porch is concrete...and yellow.  I can't walk outside barefoot right now because I don't want feet that are...you guessed it...yellow.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather not spend my day sneezing and wiping my eyes.  It just doesn't seem fun to me.

I'm going to stay inside and shop online.  I know, right...big surprise!

I just ordered this for mi madre for Mother's Day from Clinique.  She's really gotten into makeup recently, so I'm trying to feed that habit!  Use code "FSCHAT07" and get Free Shipping on any purchase! 

You can take 20% off the "Stylist Picks" at Forever 21.  Nothing really stood out to me, but maybe you will find something that you love!

Get 20% off any one item at Ulta with this printable or online coupon!

Your Smashbox "Let's Do Lunch" freebie for 4/6/10 is:

You always get Free Shipping with any Smashbox order, too!

UPDATED:  E.L.F. is offering 50% off their Studio line with code "EGSTUDZ".  You have to purchase $20 worth of Studio product, then enter the code and voila! get it half price!

Woo hoo!  Urban Decay is offering a Friends & Family deal of 30% off April 6th-April 19th!  Use code "1SFNF"!

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Nancy said...

Such great tips on sales and deals, I'll definitely be checking back in on you! Thanks for checking in on my blog. I don't have an etsy shop as of now, it's something I've given thought to, just haven't done anything about it. Maybe someday :)