25 May 2010

NEW from Zombee Candle

My Dear Friends,

The ladies at Zombee Candle have been very busy bees!  They have rolled out quite a few new products that you should check out!

In addition to the classic 8oz. tin, they now offer Cube Jars, Bricks, Troughs, & Pillar Candles!

Any scent you want can be made into any shape you want!  Just Convo. them on Etsy for custom orders! 

There are many new scents available as well:

Cupcake a la Christie -  Sweet strawberry shortcake topped with an even sweeter butter cream scent!

Bitches Brew -  Pretty in purple! Thick and spicy mulled cider fills the room with this amazing scent!

Pain de Bananae -  Yummy, sweet banana nut bread scent in our classic 8oz tin. Smells like batter!

Louisiana Lemongrass -  Pale green, light and clean scent made with green tea and lemongrass oils.


(you can also find them on Facebook, just search for Zombee Candle)

I have one of each of all the new ones and I can 100% honestly say I am in love with them.  I burn the Louisiana Lemongrass in my office daily.  It's just such a calming, happy scent.  Bitches Brew is a favorite among my friends.  Pain de Bananae stays in my kitchen, because it smells exactly like baking banana bread....

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