19 May 2010

New Orleans Food Party

My Dear Friends,
About three weeks ago I sent a blog post to Andie of Andrea Savoie Photography & What Andie Wears, & Sweet. Southern. Spirited. to ask for her help in throwing a "New Orleans" themed party.  My friends and I were at a wedding shower and somehow got on the topic of the fantastic food that New Orleans has to offer.  Well, the lovely Andie just happens to be from there so I hoped that she would help me.  Boy, did she ever!  She went above and beyond anything I could have dreamed as far as ideas go - and I am so grateful.  I asked her permission to share her ideas, in case some of you might like a little southern food! 
Below is what she suggested:

For cheap eats: I would suggest Red Beans & Rice, Jambalaya or Gumbo. You can serve all of these family or buffet style and they are easy to serve up.
Or you could do a shrimp, crab, or crawfish boil. (that's more for an outdoor thing)
You could also make mini-muffalettas or mini po-boys, or even better, serve a giant one or the other for people to cut a piece from. 
As for desserts: I would skip King Cake since it is no longer in season (it's only for Mardi Gras) and they are a PITA (pain in the ass) to bake.

You could do beignets for dessert (they are sort of a pain and very messy also) or bananas foster, or bread pudding.  Bread pudding is something you can make the day before and heat it up in the oven the day of your party and then serve buffet style. VERY VERY tasty. One of my most favorite things EVER.     You could also order some pralines (pronounced PRAW-LEENS) or make some yourself.   Pecan Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, and Whiskey Balls are also all tasty.
Here's a link to some recipes:
This is also a great resource:
As for booze or drinks: 
if you want to go easy- 
Get some Abita Beer and serve that.
if you want to go strong-
Try Hurricanes.
FYI -  Hurricanes are STRONG and will get you blasted FAST. 
(There are other cocktails that are unique to New Orleans as well..)
The Ramos Gin Fizz
or the Sazerac
Here are more cocktails you could try:
but they get EXPENSIVE to make!

It really depends on what type of party you are doing.  If you are going for casual and outdoorsy- I would make Hurricanes or Daiquiris and serve Abita or Dixie Beer (both are unique to the area)

How helpful is she?!

♥Thank you Andie♥

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