30 June 2010

Exciting things to come!

My Dear Friends,

I have a terrible migraine this morning.  It's difficult to focus on the screen so I will make this one short and sweet and come back when my noggin is a little better.

I have some exciting things coming down the pipeline soon.  Reviews, giveaways, Etsy finds, & as always - fantastic deals!

Here are some things to look forward to:
•Aya Wedding Etsy Find
•Costume Super Center Review
•Missikko Hair Straightener Review
•Food Should Taste Good Review & Giveaway
•CSN Stores Review
•Urban Decay Fall 2010 Sneak Peek
•Wat-Aah Review & Giveaway
•Endangered Species Chocolate Review & Giveaway!

Goodness, I'm going to be one busy little blogger!  See you soon!

1 comment:

The Knitwit Knitter said...

Sounds all so interesting! Cant wait to read your future posts!