26 June 2010

Mayfair Lane - The Review

My Dear Friends,

I was given a Happeez clipper for review from an amazing company called Mayfair Lane.   Mine looks like this:

From their website:

"Launched in the spring of 2008, Mayfair Lane has the gift market buzzing with its innovative products and fresh designs. Its patent-pending Happeez® product line is made up of simple, classic gifts that take gift-giving to a whole new level by virtue of their being both uniquely stylish as well as extremely practical. Sue Russell, Mayfair Lane’s Founder and CEO, combined her finely tuned marketing skills with her constant search for the perfect gift. After working with 3M Post-it® products and elegant stationery lines from Boatman Geller, she made an important discovery. All notepads and decorative items for the refrigerator, even the most beautiful ones, were backed with magnetic strips. These strips worked for many households but not for those with a stainless steel, glass or wood paneled refrigerators, to which magnets do not stick. And so, Happeez® were born."

Made with a non-sticky adhesive backing, Happeez Clippers stick to places regular magnets do and even where they don't!  Sticking to surfaces that include stainless steel refrigerators, glass, mirrors, and more.  They are perfect for organizing papers, keeping do lists, displaying kids' artwork, keeping grocery lists, and much more.  They can also be easliy removed, & leave behind no residue and can be used again and again.

Use these clips to organize your days, thoughts, and priorities.  Hang photos, memories, artwork, mail & more.

I put the clipper to the test and it grips to everything the company says it does.   It stays and doesn't slide or fall when holding something, which is always appreciated!  Plus, it looks great on my fridge!

I especially love that there are so many designs to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone. No matter what your style is Mayfair Lane will have the one for you.

The clippers come in 1 & 3-packs, in over a hundred different styles.  Also available are white boards, photo frames, note pads, list pads, journals, lightups & more!

Custom orders are also available, in addition to gift certificates.  You can also have your purchase gift wrapped!

I will definitely buy more of these fantastic, innovative clippers.  Not only are they functional, they are too cute for words.

*I was given this clip free for review.  I received no monetary compensation and these are my honest views & opinions.

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