24 June 2010


My Dear Friends,

I am hurting.  It's my own fault.  And it's silly.  I, being the "responsible adult" that I am....still have such a sweet/sour tooth.  At Wal-Mart yesterday, I noticed these:

.....which were my downfall.  These things are SO sour, like squint your eyes & make a funny face sour.  They are wonderful!  But...I ate too many and now my poor mouth is all torn up.  (Citric Acid!!!)  Totally worth it...in moderation, which I need to learn.

If you like extremely sour candies, these are for you.  Be warned, though, because they are ferocious!

Body Central's "Summer Sale Event" starts today, online only!

The "Wholey Moley" sale at Old Navy starts today!  30% off the entire site using code "ONBIG30"!

Classics Body Care are $3 & Hand Soaps are 4/$10 at Bath & Body Works!

The "Beautiful, Young & Free" sale at Wet Seal starts today!

40% off any one item at Hobby Lobby ends on Saturday! It works online and in store!  Click here to print!

Artscow has another great offer available! Right now you can order photo watches for just $4.99 shipped using code "WATCHSALE"! They have many styles available.  This offer expires 6/30. You can still order a jewelry/glasses bag for $1.99 shipped also and $3.99 Shipped Luggage Tags.

Print this coupon to save 15% off your entire purchase at Kohl's. This coupon is valid through July 5.  Use code "LOWEST4U" online, & you can also receive free shipping when you spend $75 and use code "SEND2ME".

Oh, I finally gave in and got a Twitter (just for this blog).  Follow me at Twitter.com/OfficialFITF


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The Knitwit Knitter said...

I cant take eating those! They are called Cry Baby Tears for a reason! :)

Crystal said...

What a cute picture for your blog!!
My 16 y/o would absolutely love those sour candies... I may have to buy him some just to watch him eat them. LOL

Following your blog and twitter...
Twitter: @teastal
Blog: brennanjeremyme.blogspot.com


Tye said...

I'm a new follower and I love our blog!! Please visit my blog at http://www.diaryofachicmommy.com