13 July 2010

Is it naptime yet?

My Dear Friends,

I feel like what I assume to be what it feels like when one gets hit by a truck.  My whole body aches and I feel as though I haven't gotten any sleep at all.  I need a nap.  A long nap.  Anyone want to come to work for me so I can go to sleep??  Any takers?  Anyone? .....

Fine then.

Today is a random post.  I've really wanted to decorate a cake lately.  It could be because I watch too many shows like Cupcake Wars, Ace of Cakes, etc...but I really want to make one of those cool cakes like these:

I think bakers are real life artists.
It take some serious skill to make these
amazing creations.

This cake would be perfect for a baby shower or spring party.

 Who doesn't like Jack Skellington?

This cake is just FUN.  You can do the coolest things with fondant.

Are any of you cake or cupcake decorators?  Would you like to be featured on the blog?
I have a great appreciation for people who are talented enough to make these incredible works of edible art!

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1 comment:

Kristin Morris said...

Well I would Loe to be featured, but I am not a cake decorator, I am a cupcake decorator. :) You can check out my blog for pics, or my flickr page! :) And those cakes up top are phenom, fantastic! ::Kristin::
flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kuppykakesbykristin/