10 July 2010

What is Wat-aah??

My Dear Friends,

Wat-ahh is well, water.  But not just any water!  Using bright colors & a big-mouthed kid on the bottle to catch a child's eye, Wat-Aah wants your kids to drink WATER!  There are four different kinds:

•BRAIN water (with electrolytes)
•POWER water (with magnesium)
•BODY water (pure spring water)
•ENERGY water (fused with oxygen)

From The Press Release:
"A new line of water is aiming to help combat the obesity epidemic by offering the first healthy drink alternative specially targeted to kids and teens. New York-based, Let Water Be Water, LLC, announces the launch of WAT-AAH!(TM), a premium line of sugar-free, functional water for kids ages 6-15. The line will be available at Whole Foods, Amish Market, Bazzini, and other fine retail outlets in New York City starting in June and at www.drinkwataah.com.
No other water product currently on the market for kids and teens can claim to be 100 percent free of artificial flavors, artificial colors, additives and sugar.
WAT-AAH!’s marketing aims to make water more exciting, desirable and cool to today’s youth. The bottle and graphics, the functional ingredients, the advertising campaign and the Web site were designed to captivate modern kids whose brand and design sensibilities are increasingly becoming more adult-like. The brand’s debut ad campaign, a series of 10-second spots featuring kids screaming the benefits of water, can be viewed at www.drinkwataah.com.
The copy clearly states the benefits while playfully rhyming to the brand. One spot proclaims, “Feel Supaah, Run Fastaah, Jump Highaah, Grow Tallaah!, Drink Wataah! Wataah!”
“WAT-AAH! respects the intelligence, sophistication and healthy needs of today’s kids. Our whole campaign looks clean, fun and contemporary just like our water to feel genuine and inspire our target audience. To take it from boring to exciting, we added attitude, not sugar. WAT-AAH! is fun, it is loud and it screams … because there’s nothing wrong when kids scream for water!""

Wat-aah has a great promotion going on right now - "Show Me WAT-YOU-GOT!"
The Wat-Aah Boy brags about his skills and challenges kids to send a video in to see if they can do better.  Kids between 5 & 17 can enter.  All you have to do is show off your skills....your talents....anything!  You can win cash prizes and great opportunities, such as:

•The kid with the most amazing SOCCER skills wins a trip for two to Milan to watch Inter Milan, the 2010 European Championships - and even meet the players!

•The kid who has the best MUSICAL skills can have the chance to record their own song to present to Al Branch (chief talent scout from Def Jam Records.  P.S. - He manages Kanye West & Drake!)

The competition ends on 9/30/2010 so be sure to enter soon at Wat-You-Got.Com!

The people at Wat-Aah kindly sent me four bottles (one of each kind) to try.  I really enjoyed them, but them again, I recently have discovered my love for water, since I am trying to be healthier.  I think that their marketing is genius, because even at my age, I'm still drawn to bright colors...so it has to work for children!  I will definitely be buying more Wat-Aah!

Order Today:
A 12 pack of Wat-Aah is only $12 on Amazon!  That's just $1 a bottle!

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*I was given 4 bottles of Wat-Aah to try, but the opinions are my own and I was not paid in any way.


JoJo said...

OMG OMG my friend walks for Wat-aaaa!!
I'm constantly hearing about it and I've had the drink quite a few times.
Great post! I'll have to show this to her.

JoJo said...

I meant works not walks...sorry I'm typing in darkness because the husband is sleeping.