30 September 2010

51 Colors @ We Love Colors!

My Dear Friends,

I love leggings.  They're really trendy, go with pretty much anything, and when done right - look amazing!  With Autumn here, and cold weather approaching, tights are a great alternative to jeans for when the weather isn't that chilly.

I do have to say, though,  that I love knee high socks even more.  They make me think of school uniforms, and of course, "Clueless".  Cher Horowitz always wore the cutest outfits and had knee socks & Mary Janes on.  You know at some point you wished you had outfits as cool as those seen in "Clueless".

I came across We Love Colors while browsing around for Halloween socks.  You know the ones, black and orange striped?  Some people would call them "witch socks"....

We Love Colors sells 51 different colors of tights, leggings, knee highs, thigh highs, etc!  They also carry 13 different Splash Colors as well as Caroline Geys custom tights!

Styles and sizes are available for Men, Women, & Children!  There's even two sale sections, one for black hosiery and one for white.

Check out all the amazing press that We Love Colors gets from magazines like Seventeen, W, & Nylon; among others!

We Love Colors sent me two pair of knee highs to try!  One in white and one in neon green!   According to their website, neon green is the most popular color in the knee highs!  I picked neon green due to green being my favorite color, plus my love of things neon; I picked white as a second color so that they could 'go' with more things.

I love them.  Really.  Such good quality and the fabric is so comfortable.  Not too binding, not bunchy at all.  These are the perfect knee highs!  At only $3.50 a pair, you can totally afford to get your favorite colors!

We Love Colors is an affordable, yet fashionable place to get all things leg!  I highly recommend browsing through their store and getting your favorite pair of leggings, tights, or whatever else catches your eye!

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*We Love Colors gave me two pair of knee high socks for review.  I was not paid for this review and the opinions therein are my own.

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Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Don't own leggings I love the socks though!

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