25 September 2010

City Slips - Walk Tall, Dance On!

My Dear Friends,

City Slips is a company that makes foldable ballet flats for the well-heeled gal on the go.  Do you absolutely LOVE high heels like I do?  Do you hate the way your feet feel after a long night out because you just HAD to wear your cute high heels?  Well, I do, and that's where City Slips come in.

Here are the features of the amazing City Slips ballet flats:
  • Conveniently fit into most purses & handbags
  • Double-soled structure for added durability
  • Elastic backing for extra comfort on the heel
  • Carrying case expands to a larger bag for those “killer” heels
From Their Website:
"Here’s the deal. All of us women have experienced the wrath that arises from prolonged power struts in pointy pumps or bumpin’ and grindin’ in strappy stilettos. We get it, 4” heels STINK. But they are so. friggen. cute. But ladies, could we ever do without our favorite (leg-lengthening, sex-ifying, confidence-boosting) fashion accessory??? NO WAY.
CitySlips offer a “total package” solution to a crippling (literally) problem. Their innovative split-sole structure and comfy elastic backing allow them to fold neatly and securely into a compact carrying case. Once the flats have been removed, the small pouch unzips and expands, becoming a full-size tote bag. Throw those heels inside and enjoy a more comfortable commute home, or another few hours on the dance floor."

How does it work, you ask?

I received my pair of City Slips and immediately put them on.  Talk.About.Comfy.  I'm going to end up wearing these around frequently, I can already tell.  I love ballet flats in the daytime, nighttime...whenever!

You REALLY need to connect with City Slips!  Here's how!

*I was given a pair of City Slips for review.  I received no monetary compensation and these opinions are my own.

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