20 September 2010

Costume Spotlight - Pure Costumes (Adult Men)

My Dear Friends,

I have a problem getting my boyfriend to dress up for Halloween.  It's my FAVORITE holiday, you'd think he would want to share my joy in dressing up....Maybe if I bought him a costume from Pure Costumes, he'd change his mind?

Here are some of my favorite Adult Men Costumes:

I mean, come on!  What guy wouldn't look hot in these costumes?!  

Pure Costumes has a very user friendly site.  You can search by gender, size, age, designer, price & more!  There's even a Plus Size or Clearance Section!

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Toga! Toga!

1 comment:

JoJo said...

Haha I have a hard time getting my husband to dress up too. The most I can do is get him to put his football jersey on and go as a football player. By the way, I must not have been here in a while, but I love you're new header!