28 September 2010

Fashion To Figure - Bringing Fashion To The Figure

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Welcome New Followers!  I'm so happy to have you here!  Thank you for liking my little blog!  We're TWO away from 200 followers!  WOW!  I never thought that this many people would like Fashion In The Forest, but I'm so glad & grateful that you do! 

Today I want to tell you about this great store called Fashion To Figure, which is an plus-sized online clothing retailer that specializes in making you look good.

Here's their story in their own words:
"Everyone wants fashion and style; lots of choices; great prices and personal service. These factors and our family history in full-fashion made us realize customers were underserved and there was an opportunity to build a new kind of store - a corner of the world where everyone would feel inspired. 
We believe fashion is truly a state of mind, not a size range. So, we set out to create an environment that provides fresh fashion choices and service embodied by respect, attention, and understanding. And, all this in a cool, trendy and fun place everyone could enjoy going. We wrote up the concept, entered a prestigious business plan contest and got a lot of attention because of our great-grandmother and family's old business. 
But, we didn't win anything! However, we started down the road to our dream of revolutionizing full-fashion. We have been joined by some amazing advisors, investors, colleagues and friends along the way. And, you and your constant feedback keep us working towards our mission."

I received the Two Tone Dress w/ Patent Leather Belt to review.  LOVE!  The dress is super cute, and very flattering.  I love the wide patent leather belt and how the bust area isn't too tight!  Believe me, that is hard to find in a dress (especially for a "chesty" girl!).  The horizontal banded skirt is flattering to the figure, and does not draw attention to any "problem curves".  Available in sizes 1x-3x, and retailing for only $28, this is a dress most anyone could afford to have in their closet!

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If you shop now, look at the great deals you could get!


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