21 September 2010

Tuesday Sales

My Dear Friends,

For some reason, a number of retailers have decided to do Free Shipping  sales.  Below is a list of all the goodies you could get if you shop & save!

Smashbox has the "Let's Do Lunch" freebie today.  With Smashbox, you always get free shipping, free deluxe samples, & no tax on every order!  Today's freebie with any purchase is:

At Dancing Deer Baking Company, enjoy Free Shipping on all orders with code "FALLSALE".

It's a "Cardi Party" over at Delia*s, where you can also get yourself Free Shipping on orders over $25 with code "DALW25"!

Lancome is also offering Free Shipping TODAY ONLY with a $45 purchase...you also get all these goodies for FREE when you use code "ONEDAY7" at checkout!

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