19 October 2010

The Look For Less (Mad Men - Betty Draper Francis)

My Dear Friends,

One of my favorite shows is "Mad Men".  I just love how they dress.  I decided to do a little "Look For Less" of my own for each of the three main characters.  Today's look is Betty.

Betty is pearls, cardigans and tapered dresses with full bottoms.  She is very "Jackie O".  Here's how to get an updated version of Betty's look for less.

These dresses are all from Charlotte Russe, and are on sale right now for $20 each!

These cardigans are all from Old Navy, and are less than $25 each!

These shoes are from Charlotte Russe and are all $20!

These pearl accents are all from Charlotte Russe and range from $4-$10.50!

You don't have to spend a lot to get Betty's style.  Betty is crisp & polished, and you can be as well!


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