18 October 2010

Unique Ineeka (Tea)

My Dear Friends,

I was sent a couple bags of Ineeka Tea to review.  As I've mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE hot tea.  It takes me back to being a child, having tea parties and drinking tea with your pinky out.  (I still do this...the pinky, not the tea party.)

Ineeka Tea is special in that the tea bags are not your garden variety style. 
The tea leaves are not loose, instead they are in individual tea bags that open up with paper arms that can attach to the sides of your cup that acts like a filter over which you can pour your hot water. Excellent idea, Ineeka!

From Their Website:
"Our delicate and naturally fragrant whole leaves (also referred to as full or loose leaves) are produced using only the tender two leaves and the young bud - the most nutrient rich parts of the tea plant (unlike the broken, isolated crushed plant parts normally used in tea bags). These leaves are brimming with healthy, potent antioxidants, and encompass the best natural flavors and aromas. What's more, these organic teas have no addedflavorings or oils. Grown within Ineeka's own self-sustaining organic and biodynamic family farms, they come directly from the field to your cup, as freshly as if you had picked them yourself."

Ineeka offers Black, White, Green and Herbal teas.  Did you know that Ineeka is the only tea company to win the prestigious NASFT "Outstanding Beverage" award in the last decade?  That's pretty impressive!

You can order directly from their website.  Just click on the flavor you'd like to buy and go from there!  It's that simple!  
You can also connect with Ikeeka through Facebook or Twitter!

*Ineeka provided these tea bags for a review.  
No compensation was provided and these opinions are my own.

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