15 October 2010

Words cannot describe my happiness....

My Dear Friends,

There is an amazing lady named Julie (of Joy's Hope) that made me this:

I wish there was a bigger word than THANK YOU, because I'd use that, over and over again..  I went around the house hugging this poster when it came in the mail, smile unwavering, as I thought..."Wow, this is one of the best gifts I've ever received.", because, well, it is.

I know she thinks it was nothing, a simple kindness, but she has to know that it made my day....week....month....year.  Really.  Truly.  Thank you.

It's now in a frame in my bedroom where I can stare at it every single day. 


(For those of you who don't know, the quote above is from one of my favorite Dave Matthews Band ((with whom Julie and I are both obsessed....& in our minds, Dave loves us too.)) songs, #41.)

For an interpretation of the lyrics and how they've evolved over the years, you can read this thread from AntsMarching.Org.

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