28 December 2010

Better late than never, Trevor....

My Dear Friends,

Since the holiday insanity is behind me {hopefully}, I finally have time to post about my Secret Santa Blogger - Brittany from Plush Diva Femme!

She very sweetly sent me two clutch purses - one in silver/black zebra sequins & one in pink/purple leopard!

How cute & versatile!  

I want to send a BIG THANK YOU out to Gerry from Big Beautyful Mess for hosting our Secret Santa shindig this year, as well as Brittany from Plush Diva Femme for her awesome gifts!  Thank you ladies!!  Happy Holidays!


BBM said...

oh my goodness! i SOOOO want that zebra print! so fun!

Brittany said...

I'm glad you like it hun!