02 December 2010

Oh the joy.

My Dear Friends,

I have been functional-computer-less at work for about two weeks.  I had one heck of a virus...something called TROJAN.BAMITAL!INF {cue dramatic music} - which basically took over my explorer.exe and winlogon.exe files and made itself comfortable.  Really comfortable. 

We're going to be here a while...

I am in no way a "computer whiz", but I can usually fix whatever issue that presents itself...but not this time.  This thing stumped me.  I called various computer technicians in town, only to find that since it was the MONDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING (*gasp*), none would be unavailable until sometime the next week.  I assumed that meant Monday, but it actually meant late Wednesday afternoon (a full 9 days after I called them).

The guy who shows up comes by about an hour before we close.  You can tell he thinks that it is going to be a cake-walk.  Sits down, cracks his knuckles, and says "Let's get this baby purring!" - cut to an hour later, he's tried about 8 anti-viruses, restarted the computer at least 20 times...he has started running his hands through his hair and blankly staring at the monitor, looking for a glimmer of hope.  

Then it happens.  LIGHT BULB!!  He realizes that if he could replace the infected drivers, he could get rid of the virus.  So he does this.  Then he runs anti-viruses 1 through 8, and they call come up clean!  I'm saved!  I can actually do WORK on my work computer!  Thank you cocky computer man.  Although the joke is actually on me, since now I get to catch up on the seven business days of work that I have yet to put in the computer.  Work overload! 

Well, at least I am de-virus-ed. 

Now, back to work.

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