14 December 2010

Pretty Little Things (Websites & Pictures Edition)

My Dear Friends,

I want to feature two websites in my Pretty Little Things post today.

They're worth reading, I promise!

Hesson Haus is a blog written by my friend Kate.  It's funny, engaging and insightful - every post makes me smile.

Big Beautyful Mess is written by the lovely Gerry, who chronicles her life as a "fatshionista" as well as a wardrobe journal!

Now for the pretty pictures:



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Love those pictures!

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jijie said...

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Holly said...

I love the pictures, especially the dressed up numbers. That would go perfectly in a little boy's nursery.

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Undeserving Grace said...

Cute pictures! Stopping by from fmbt I'd love to have you visit me at undeservingrace.com!