28 December 2010

Shoes - A Love Story

My Dear Friends,

In my head, I live in a world where I can prance around all day in shoes like these (& my feet never hurt!):

Let me present you to these lovelies that caught my eye today:
Black "Lola" Wedge - @ Alloy for $14.99
Brown "Shelby" Boot - @ Alloy for $29.99
Blue "Metallic" Heel - @ Wet Seal for $8.85

What great shoes...and what great prices!  I need more shoes like I need a hole in my head, but....I want more shoes!  I'd love to buy all three of these because if I could ever be classified as a shoe "type", it would probably be "tall & towering".  I'm 5ft. even on a good day so I like a shoe that has a little "oomph" to it.  {{Not to mention how it makes your legs look and all that jazz.}}

I guess I should say I also like shoes that look a little crazy....

{{I'm about to tell you a story, bear with me.}}
A couple years ago, some friends and I were headed to a bachelorette party.  I always get stuck in the back seat because well, I don't need the leg room.  My foot hit something in the floor and I picked it up to see what it was.  It was a pair of Steve Madden {{this guy knows shoes!}} 4-inch purple kitten heels.  Decked out over the entire shoe were small butterflies.  I wanted those shoes SO bad! {{I know you're sitting there thinking...Seriously, a butterfly shoe?  She's got to be out of her mind!}} You have no idea.  

Even with some pretty serious searching, I never found a place where I could get those gorgeous shoes - but I did happen to stumble upon these babies at Alloy...they're called the "Trixie", by Anne Michelle!

I also have this pair from Iron Fist that I wear pretty often:

They're called the "Electric Blue Carousel", and if you click on the picture to make it bigger, the shoe is a graphic comic strip! 

So....are you all shoe-d out?  Or are you ready for more...because I've got plenty to show you!

shoe l♥ve.

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