04 January 2011

Clementine Art!

My Dear Friends,

Clementine Art is a wonderful arts and crafts company that produces paint, glue, modeling dough, crayons & markers.  They use all natural ingredients so all their products are non-toxic, all natural and even environmentally friendly!  Even their boxes are made of 100% post consumer recycled & reusable materials.

Their modeling dough is naturally colored with turmeric, carmine and spinach. The set comes in three colors:  yellow, red, and green - which last up to a year when stored in the 4 oz. airtight containers they come in.  This product retails for $9.99.

The natural paint comes in six colors, which are made using Mayan earth pigments.  You get six 1.7 oz. jars to paint to your hearts desire.  This product retails for $13.99

Grab some quick dry markers to draw your masterpiece!  Made with natural plant and mineral pigments and available in four vibrant colors!  This product retails for $5.99.

How cute are these crayons?!  Made with soy instead of paraffin and available in a ROY G. BIV of colors!  This product retails for $5.99.

A fun alternative to traditional crayons, the crayon rocks are made for little hands to use.  Available in nine colors, they are perfect for the little artist.  This product retails for $5.99.

Multi-faceted is a great way to describe this glue.  Washable, yet durable; this product will help you create your designs!  This product retails for $5.99.

Get the complete set of Clementine Art products for your child by buying the Gift Set, which is on sale right now for $39!   This amazing gift box features one each of the entire line of products.

You can buy all the fabulous Clementine Art products directly from their website or check out the massive list of retailers that sell these products!

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*Clementine Art sent me crayons and paint to review.  These opinions are my own and I was not paid to do this review.

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