17 January 2011

Pet Head Shampoo & Grooming Products

My Dear Friends,

Pet Head is a fantastic company that specializes in shampoo and grooming products for your doggies.  All Pet Head products are specially formulated to pamper your puppies, leaving them soft and silky...and most importantly, smelling great

All Pet Head formulas are pH adjusted and free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, propylene glycol, sulfate and DEA.

Check out the product line:
  • Life’s An Itch- skin soothing shampoo so doggies won’t scratch
  • Dirty Talk- deodorizing shampoo to make mutts smell sweet
  • Fears for Tears- tearless shampoo for pups who squirm in the bath
  • Quickie- quick rinsing shampoo perfect for a fido who won’t sit still
  • Feeling Flaky- dry & sensitive skin shampoo to add extra moisture to your pups coat
  • Dry Clean- waterless spray shampoo for puppies afraid to get wet or ones on the go
  • Furtastic- crème rinse for curly and long coats to make your K-9 silky and smooth
  • So Spoiled- conditioning crème rinse to give any dog an extra pampering treatment
  • Furball- detangling spray that makes for smooth brushing
  • Poof!- magical deodorizing spray to blast any stinky smell away

I just love the fun and creative names for all these products!  I have a very feisty Jack Russell terrier who likes to smell a little "rough".  He HATES bath-time.  I've fought with him for years over dog shampoos, people shampoos and even bar soap, trying to get him clean and smelling great.  He no longer fights with me over bath-time, as he really doesn't mind getting a bath with the Pet Head products.

This is my little guy in all his glory.

Did you know that Pet Head also makes accessories and apparel for your pet?

You can buy the array of Pet Head products online from their website, or at Pet Treasures or Amazon or use the Store Locator to find a store near you!

Connect with Pet Head to learn more about the company and their fantastic product line via Facebook, Twitter, You Tube & Flickr!

*Pet Head provided me with some products for review, but in no way influenced my opinions on this blog.  I received no compensation for the post above.

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