11 February 2011

Hard Candy Review #2!

My Dear Friends,

Last year, when my sweet little blog was just a baby, I had the great fortune to be able to do a review of Hard Candy Cosmetics during their re-launch.  Cut to a year later and they are still going strong!  I'm excited to show you two new great Hard Candy products today.

I'm reviewing the Plumping Serum - Fat Pout Lip Gloss & the Matte Top Coat Nail Polish.

Plumping Serum - Fat Pout Lip Gloss

My first thought was that I really loved the color.  It is a pale, peachy-pink, perfect for those days where you downplay the lips.  I like that while it does plump, it's not a dramatic change.  It has a pleasant tingle at first.  One bonus worth mentioning is that it isn't sticky at all.  It has a great shine as well!  Lovely color and a great price at $4.68 at Wal-Mart.

Matte Top Coat Nail Polish (Matte-ly In Love)

I've never tried a matte top coat before.  I've never SEEN a matte top coat before, so trying this was interesting!  It layers on a complete matte finish and dries very quickly.  It works nicely on it's own for sheer, unpainted nails or as a sealant for your freshly polished nails.  It might need a refresher coat after a few days, but what polish doesn't?!  I'm hooked!  I can't seem to find it online through Wal-Mart but I will post when I locate the link!

I really enjoy Hard Candy's wide array of products.  They're youthful, fun and best of all - affordable!  You can buy the entire collection at Wal-Mart!  

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