01 February 2011

Honeycat Cosmetics - Clean. Sexy. Fun!

My Dear Friends,

Honeycat Cosmetics is an online retailer of bath, body and cosmetic items that wants you to pamper yourself!

They sent me some Chick Of The Sea Foaming Bath Crystals in Raspberry, Sweet Potato Pie Grooming Bubble Stuff, & Hiss Good Night Lip Gloss in Pink Peppermint to try out.

Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble. It's not easy being a pretty kitty, and after a long night on the prowl, it's time to wash those naughty little secrets away, no better way than with this extra rich, super bubbly, Sweet Potato Pie scented, moisturizing bubble bath. Loaded with Aloe, and Shea Butter. A purrfect recipe.   
8 oz - $8 OR 16 oz. - $12!

You never know when you're gonna have to jam! here ya go chicks! Open this can of delicious muscle soothing, chocolate, Raspberry, Mint bath crystals. Toss it in, one time use, for those nights when you have to feel sexy in a hurry...cause everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down.  
4 oz. for $10!
A kiss is still a kiss, and your kisser will be smooth, shiny and soft with my new, pink peppermint lip gloss.  Ultra slick, and nourishing for your lips...Oh no, never sticky!
Packed with antioxidants, like vitamin C & E. So pucker up girls! 
$16 per tube!

In addition to those described above, Honeycat Cosmetics offers many amazing items such as: soaps, bath bombs & powders, milk bath, foot scrubs, shower gel & more!  Make sure to connect with Honeycat Cosmetics on Twitter or Facebook, or just drop by their website if you're ready to shop!

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intel said...

Hiss Good Night Lip Gloss in Pink Peppermint - Thats such a glittery shine!! :O

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