10 February 2011

Memory On Hand brings style to the Flash Drive

My Dear Friends,

Have you ever needed your USB Flash Drive but didn't have it?  Maybe you've left it somewhere and now you're out of luck?  Maybe you're like my roommate and washed and DRIED yours, rendering it unusable?  Well, those days are a thing of the past with Memory On Hand.  The MoH USB Wristband/Bracelet lets you carry your Flash Drive around with you!  The ingenious idea is that you have a cute bracelet to wear that is also a fully functional flash drive! 

The MoH Band is the perfect, fashionable accessory to keep on hand. This USB Flash Drive bracelet will store any of your digital files from papers and power points to songs and pictures, the MoH Band is versatile and useful for all. MoH Bands are available in 2GB and 4GB memory capacity. 
  • Capacity: 2gb or 4gb
  • Compatibility: PC or Mac with USB interface
  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista/XP/ 2000/ME/98/95, Mac OS 8.6 or above
  • USB 2.0 - High speed transfer rate
  • USB 1.1 compatible
The 2GB bands are $14.95 and the 4GB bands are $19.95!  The bracelets come in 18 different colors, so you're sure to get one that suits you!

If you become a fan of Memory On Hand on Facebook, you get free shipping with your order!

I was given the 2GB MoH Band in "Crystal Gulf" to try.  I have to admit I'm smitten with the convenience of it all.  I don't have to fumble around in my purse looking for it, or scour my room or vehicle.  There it is, right on my arm.  It's perfect. 

These bands are perfect gifts for students of all ages.  Especially in this day and age, you NEED a flash drive to save your data.  Wear yours around your wrist and take away the guesswork of where you put it!

Memory On Hand has been featured in the New York Times & The Daily Grommet!  Don't forget to 'like' them on Facebook & Twitter!


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