24 March 2011

Easy Decorating Ideas

My Dear Friends,

I love to decorate, but it can get expensive.  I put together some ideas to help your brighten your space without breaking your bank.  Here we go....


-Prop framed pictures or mirrors against a wall, letting them slightly overlap.  This adds layer & demension.

-Place a stack of colorfully bound books on a table & add a fun knick-knack on top.
-Drape a patterned blanket or throw over the arm or back of a chair.

-Check your local thrift store.  Chances are you will find a mirror that is in good condition but the frame might need a little TLC.  Spray paint the frame for an instant new look.
-Mirrors add natural light.  Grab one big mirror or create a cluster of small mirrors on the wall (the frames don't even have to match) for an instant light catching collage.

-Organize books by color.  Leave some upright and stack others.  Place small decorative objects between them that could be used as bookends. 
Paint the inside of a bookshelf (but not the outside) or covering the shelves with fun wallpaper (Using wrapping paper & Mod Podge works too!) creates a simple lift.

-Attempt to contain bathroom clutter.  Try putting your Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, etc in hurricane glasses or using a cute tray as a catch-all.

-A coat rack is an effective way to fill up corner space in your home.  Hang up coats, robes, hats...whatever you'd normally drop on the floor. 
-Revamp your lamp.  Repaint the base or get a new lampshade for a quick, easy update.

-Relocate your art work.  People tend to stop noticing things that have been in the same place for a while.

-Storage bins, baskets or boxes make a room look more pulled together and help contain clutter. 
-Putting a serving tray on your coffee table will help accessorize your remotes and mail.

-A kitchen backsplash (the area between your lower & upper cabinets) is a great untapped decorative resource.  Hang small trays, trivets or tiles to boost the decor. 

-Since it is the first thing you (& your guests) see when they enter your home, dress it up!  Get a floor runner, umbrella holder, or a small bench that could be used for decoration & as a focal point.  Use accessories that coordinate with your focal point & you'll be set!

-Hang curtains near the ceiling instead of above the window trim to create the illusion of height.

-Area rugs are often used to pull a room together.  Grab one in a coordinating color or style to your area.  If you have a 'busy' house with lots of decor and knick knacks, opt for a solid color rug while if you are low on accessories, grab one with an interesting pattern. 

-Swapping out your bedding every once in a while refreshes the style of your room.  Have a couple different bed sets to interchange when you get the urge for something fresh.

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JoJo said...

I love mirrors, mostly because I love looking at myself. But seriously my apartment is full of them and if definitely gives the illusion of a bigger space.