02 March 2011

Pretty Little Things

My Dear Friends,

I have SO much work to do today at the office, my literal inbox is piled high with paperwork so my presence on the interwebz today will be minimal while I make my way through all this work.  Boo, I know.  So today, check out some spiffy pictures that I found. 

One of the few funny Oscar moments.

Creepy, Yet Awesome.

Sugar Cookie Turtles.
Stop In The Name Of Love.

Lace Earring Frame via Milk Dust on Etsy.

It's True.



Nicole Carpenter said...

I love your blog layout!! I'm stopping in from the blog hop, and I'm your newest follower:) xoxo

When you get a chance, come stop in and say hello! www.theficklenickle.com


ChinaDoll said...

those sugar turtle cookies are cute! :)